Cloudbet Casino offers customers chance to win Lamborghini, plus more


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Updated:December 15, 2022

Lightning Points

Cloudbet Casino has opened exciting, unique and expensive new offers for its marketplace customers. The offers include chances to win a luxury sports car, a Rolex, a trip to the Maldives plus many more prizes that are worth over £500,000. The cryptocurrency gaming platform is offering the prizes through its “Lightning Points” scheme, a kind of online currency that Cloudbet customers can earn through continued gameplay. Cloudbet’s Marketplace is also where customers can exchange their Lightning Points for free spins as well as other online bonuses and customisable options.


The Lightning Points system also offers certain “loyalty tiers”. As a customer acquires more points, they move up the points tiers from Bronze to Silver to Hold to Emerald to Sapphire to Ruby. It’s safe to say you’ll probably have to be more at the Ruby end of the prize spectrum in order to take advantage of their exclusive prizes. Their biggest prize, a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Rainbow Everose Gold watch, will cost a customer 59 million Lightning Points. The Rolex Rainbow is described as the “Holy Grail of Rolex watches” and is currently priced at almost 100,000 USD – that’s a lot of crypto slot spins. Their other main prize is a 2023 Lamborghini Huracan with a 5.2-litre V10 engine. The Huracan will cost customer 40 million Lightning Points, and currently markets at 239,000 US Dollars. The last of their main prizes is a beach getaway – seven nights in the Maldives with your own private island – 22 million Lightning Points.

The company, which is mentioned in our Best Bitcoin Casino section, has also announced that betting on the World Cup has created an unprecedent amount of Lightning Points, which in turn has caused Cloudbet to issue more prizes than ever before. Customers have also been incentivised this year by Cloudbet’s referral initiative, which gives those who refer new customers to their website extra Lightning Points.

By offering these Lightning Points prizes Cloudbet have stated that it works into their long-term strategy of being cryptocurrency and iGaming’s lead competitor in the market. Though the company’s main prizes may seem a bit too far for most gamblers to ever aspire to winning, their free spin options which cost a couple of hundred Lightning Points as well as their “Quick Buy” options which offer cash bonuses after spending a specific amount of Lightning Points are an enticing and more suitable option for day-to-day use. If Cloudbet are looking to pave the way to become crypto gambling’s lead website, then they’re going the right way about it by offering these unique points-based prizes.

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