Drake Makes Over $1.2 Million in BTC Profit from Super Bowl LVII Bets


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Updated:February 19, 2023

Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, has made headlines again after winning big at this year’s Super Bowl. Drake, who has been using the crypto sports betting platform Stake for the past two years, won over $1.2 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in this year’s Super Bowl LVII.

The artist bet $700,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs win and Patrick Mahomes’ touchdown, which earned him $777,000 in BTC. Additionally, Drake’s $50,000 stake on Mahomes scoring a touchdown brought him an additional $700,000 after the athlete scored three touchdowns. Unfortunately, his other bets did not pan out, resulting in a $215,000 loss.

This is not the first time Drake has won big at the Super Bowl. Last year, he won $300,000 in BTC when the Los Angeles Rams won and Odell Beckham Jr. scored a touchdown. Despite his success at the Super Bowl, Drake has had an unlucky record with bets in other sports. His predictions have led to the downfall of many teams and athletes, leading to the creation of the infamous phrase “the Drake curse.”

Last year’s Super Bowl was dubbed the “Crypto Bowl” due to the numerous cryptocurrency companies that promoted themselves during the event. However, this year’s Super Bowl was different, as no crypto ads appeared during the game. The logos of prominent crypto firms such as FTX, Crypto.com, and Coinbase were absent from this year’s Super Bowl. The bear market and shrinking interest in the asset class could be the reason behind the absence of crypto ads.

In contrast, food and beverage giants like Doritos, Heineken, and Bud Light replaced the crypto firms this year. It’s worth noting that FTX, once a prominent crypto company that promoted itself during last year’s Super Bowl, filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2022 after experiencing enormous liquidity issues.

In conclusion, Drake’s Super Bowl LVII bets earned him a significant profit of $1.2 million in BTC, adding to his $300,000 profit from last year’s Super Bowl. Despite his success at the Super Bowl, Drake’s unlucky record with bets in other sports has earned him a reputation for jinxing teams and athletes. Additionally, the absence of crypto ads during this year’s Super Bowl suggests a decline in interest in the crypto asset class due to the bear market.

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