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Updated:December 17, 2022

When we think of big markets, the US is one of the first to come to mind. With a population of around 332 million people, it’s clear that the potential demographic for casino users and gaming businesses are huge! However, in a shocking move, FSB – an international supplier of sports betting and iGaming solutions – has taken a jump to move away from the US betting markets, representing a shocking change for the industry.

Who are FSB?

FSB is a specialist business focused on providing curated iGaming and sports betting solutions and software for international casino and bookmaker customers, they feature on a number of crypto casinos found at Coin Casinos, along with international betting sites.  The brand is renowned for providing innovative sportsbook solutions that help casinos and bookmakers take control of their customers’ betting experiences.

The FSB platform is designed to “do it all,” with over one million sports betting markets monthly, plus a huge selection of 10,000 games from over fifty different providers. These unique solutions have irrefutably set them up as one of the most reputed and trusted providers in the iGaming and sportsbook world.

A Shifting Focus

While FSB has traditionally been an international company – and will still remain as such – the arrival of Adam Smith, the new interim CEO for the company, is set to change how the business model operates to a relatively significant degree. Indeed, one of his first strategy shifts as new CEO has been to lead the de-prioritization of US markets.

With this thought in mind, it’s safe to say that this news comes as something of a shock for many US sportsbooks and casino gaming providers, who may have traditionally relied on FSB for new software solutions. This has been explained by FSB’s chief revenue officer as being a step to reduce investment in the US, which has traditionally been a cost-prohibitive area.

However, as Adam Smith explained, “The strength of our world-class technology and the talent of our people means there is a huge opportunity ahead for the organisation. I look forward to working closely with this driven, determined leadership team who I have no doubt will secure us further success in our core markets.”

Irrefutably, FSB isn’t going anywhere yet – but the changing priority of its services will definitely shake up international gaming and gambling industries.

What Changing Focus Means for Bettors and Gamers

From the perspective of sports bettors and gamers, the changing focus may have different impacts depending on where you live. Of course, this may somewhat limit the number of available betting options for US audiences, as it could reduce the rate of new casinos and sportsbooks opening. However, for audiences in the rest of the world, this could mean the launch of exciting new sportsbooks.

In addition, it’s crucial to note that FSB has recently achieved regulatory approval for Ontario. As such, it seems likely that the current shift may have been driven by an urge to focus more heavily on this exciting new market, which is expected to begin in Q1 of next year.

Final Thoughts

FSB’s shift away from the US market will undeniably have a massive impact on many casinos, sportsbooks, and bettors within the US. However, for audiences around the world, especially in Canada and African / European countries, this could spell an exciting new opportunity

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