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Updated:January 27, 2023

Relax Gaming Limited is one of the hottest names in the online gaming field, and its work undeniably greatly impacted online casinos, too. Indeed, many of the hottest online cryptocurrency casinos are already using Relax Gaming’s range of games and services, which cover casino slots, poker games, bingo games, and much more. And, with the recent announcement that Relax Gaming has teamed up with Galaxsys, there’s set to be even more great options and opportunities coming soon.

Who is Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming is a professional B2B provider of award-winning casino and online poker site services that specializes in providing top-quality gaming solutions. The brand focuses primarily on delivering games and services that are focused on full-service offerings, delivering hassle-free solutions for online casinos, such as the CloudBet crypto casino.

A New Partnership Between Relax Gaming and Galaxsys

In recent days, it has come to light that Relax Gaming appears to be increasing its market share and reach by expanding its operations to include Galaxsys as a new casino gaming partner.

This isn’t the first time that Relax Gaming has broadened its horizons by partnering with another crypto-gaming brand. For example, they’ve already launched their “powered by Rela” collection, and the same will likely be the case once the partnership between Galaxsys and Relax Gaming comes to fruition.

What Does the New Partnership Mean for Gamers?

Galaxsys has already partnered with over one hundred international casinos and supports over 90 currencies with its games. The brand offers over twenty unique iGaming games and focuses on providing 100% gambling fairness, making it an incredibly appealing provider from the customer’s perspective. Some of their most popular games include Rocketon, Hexagon, Crash and Pentalty, and Backgammon.

Some of the main features of Galaxsys’s solutions that help make them highly popular for casino users include hash-based cryptographic verification technology for true and verifiable randomness, as well as excellent security overall. They offer both fast-paced and skill-based games, so there’s something for every casino gamer as well.cryp

As a result, when we consider the scale of Relax Gaming and the unique, fun solutions offered by Galaxsys, this new partnership will hopefully be one that waves in a very bright future for the crypto gaming market.

Perspectives on the Partnership

When questioned about this new move, the senior vice president of sales and business development at Galaxsys commented that the brand was incredibly positive about the new move. He firmly believed that partnering with Relax Gaming would help expand their operations further to reach an increasingly broad market overall.

Meanwhile, Relax Gaming appeared equally happy with the new arrangements from the other side of the negotiation table, considering Galaxsys to be “one of the market leaders in this segment.” Clearly, the new partnership seems to benefit both brands mutually, so it’s very exciting to see how this development will be implemented.

Overall, it seems likely that the new partnership will bring exciting new games to crypto casino users around the world, and so things seem very positive for the introduction of new Galaxsys games to an increasing number of crypto casinos.

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