Best 10 Bitcoin & Crypto Poker Sites for 2024 [Updated List]

Our expert guide to the best crypto poker sites for 2024. Our betting experts have signed up at the top poker sites to see if you can deposit and play with crypto or bitcoin and how easy it is to play poker online. We’ve ranked these sites based on number of poker rooms, signup bonuses and payment options.

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  • Great for Poker
  • Wide selection of accepted crypto
  • Established brand
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  • Wide selection of Poker games
  • Limited selection of cryptocurrencies
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  • New Crypto Casino
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Our Favourite Bitcoin & Crypto Poker Sites

Chipstars homepage

Chipstars homepage


Chipstars are a great option when it comes to finding a crypto poker site due to allowing new users access to the “first deposit bonus” without actually needing to make a deposit. This means you can take advantage of their bonuses before even parting with your crypto funds. They also have a fantastic customer service team on hand for any queries or issues you may have. If you like variety, they allow multiple forms of payment method when it comes to making withdrawals too so it should be easy to receive your funds at any time. They currently don’t allow 2 factor authentication but they are still a secure site with their regular SSL certificates.

Pros of using Chipstars:

  • Very helpful customer service support for their users
  • A big variety of withdrawal methods on cashout
  • Allow bonuses without deposit for new users

Cons of using Chipstars:

  • Lacking security features compared to competitors with no 2 factor authentication
  • Not the most professional site design in comparison
CoinPoker's online platform

CoinPoker’s online platform


CoinPoker is an extremely new platform when it comes to bitcoin poker so the level of traffic to the site is still very low. This means there are not many people for you to compete against when playing poker or other games. Over time, as the level of traffic and players increases you will have many more people to play with. There is currently no fee for deposits or withdrawals on the platform which is a huge plus amongst bitcoin poker sites in the industry right now. They don’t offer any new players welcome bonuses and most of their games are low stakes but this will surely change as the site gets busier.

Pros of using Coin Poker:

  • There are currently no fees for deposits and withdrawals
  • They have a member rakeback system to pay their players back
  • Payment processes are extremely fast

Cons of using Coin Poker:

  • Not very many other players to compete against at present
  • No welcome or new player bonuses
  • Lots of low stakes games
Poker at Black Chip

Poker at Black Chip

Black Chip Poker

Black chip poker is a great site for enjoying blockchain poker due to the huge number of cryptocurrencies they allow on their site. Unlike many other platforms who only accept a handful of currencies, these guys run the ranks by accepting almost the highest amount in the industry. They have a fantastic mobile app to play poker on the go and even have a multi table option if you want to play multiple games at once. They have an advanced website that can be a little confusing to navigate and no way to remain completely anonymous but the poker experience on their site is top of the range.

Pros of using Black chip poker:

  • They have a great mobile poker app for players to use
  • They allow over 60 cryptocurrencies on their site
  • Multi table seating option

Cons of using Black chip poker:

  • The site navigation is quite complicated and overwhelming
  • There is no option to remain anonymous
1xBit are known for their online poker

1xBit are known for their online poker


1xbit is another site you should consider when looking for bitcoin poker sites, however they are restricted in multiple largely populated betting countries. They have fantastic customer service support for all those queries player’s may have. They do not currently accept any form of fiat currency but they do accept multiple different cryptocurrencies on their platform. It can be hard to find their correct licence information but they make up for it with the brilliantly made games you can play that were created by top game developers in the industry. Each of these games are built using provably fair gaming.

Pros of using 1xbit:

  • Great customer service support team
  • Their games are created by top developers in the gaming industry
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies available to use

Cons of using 1xbit:

  • Hard to find correct licence information for the website
  • No fiat currencies are accepted on the site
  • Website is not the best organised so navigation can be difficult
  • Restricted in many major betting countries
Poker at BitStarz

Poker at BitStarz


Bitstarz is another option to consider when comparing crypto poker sites. The site allows users to play some of their “play and go” games without signing up and creating an account which is a unique trait in the industry. They have a huge selection of bitcoin poker games to choose from which means you will never be bored using this site. They are unfortunately restricted in huge betting markets of the United states and the United Kingdom at the moment and have quite high wagering requirements for their bonuses. They thankfully have no extra fees on withdrawals made from their site however.

Pros of using Bitstarz:

  • Allows users to play games without first creating an account
  • Withdrawals from their site have no extra fees
  • Lots of bitcoin poker games to choose from

Cons of using Bitstarz:

  • Restricted in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • They have high wagering requirements for their bonuses
Cloudbet's current Poker Offer

Cloudbet’s current Poker Offer


When looking for new blockchain poker sites to play on, you should make sure Cloudbet is on your list. Not only do they have a high overall rating from pleased users of the site but they even have a free play or practice mode for punters to take advantage of before actually putting crypto down. They have a quick withdrawal process and an easy to use website design even for mobile devices. They don’t yet have an app or accept fiat currency and they only have 1 available crypto poker game online but the quality of the game itself is top of the range.

Pros of using Cloudbet:

  • High overall rating for cryptocurrency betting
  • They have a practice or free mode available for players to use
  • They have a very quick withdrawal process
  • Great mobile-friendly website which is easy to use

Cons of using Cloudbet:

  • They do not have a mobile app at present
  • They don’t accept any form of fiat currency
  • Currently they only have 1 poker game that we can find
mBit's Video Poker

mBit’s Video Poker

Mbit casino

Mbit casino is another online crypto betting site that allows you to play a huge selection of video poker games. They’re another site on our list to offer crypto poker and make it easy to take part in anonymous transactions that include bitcoin. Unlike many other bitcoin poker sites, they don’t accept any fiat currencies at all. However they do have a great mobile app for Android and Apple users that are on the go and it has a sleek and modern design. Not to mention their friendly customer service team.

Pros of using Mbit casino:

  • They have a mobile app for both Android and Apple users
  • They make it easy to complete anonymous transfers for bitcoin
  • Friendly and helpful customer support team
  • Huge selection of video poker games to choose from

Cons of using Mbit casino:

  • They do not accept any fiat currencies at all
BetOnline's Poker

BetOnline’s Poker

This site has multiple features that make them a good choice for bitcoin poker. They have a lot of different crypto poker games to choose from as well as a wide selection of instant play games. Not only that, but they also have a very generous welcome offer for all new players that join their platform. They do unfortunately have quite steep fees on their credit card deposits. Plus, they have high wagering requirements on most bonuses they offer. That’s not to say their game selection and poker experience isn’t one of the best.

Pros of using

  • Lots of poker games to choose from
  • They also have a selection of instant play games
  • They have a very generous welcome offer for new users

Cons of using

  • Very high fees on credit card deposits
  • High wagering requirements on a few bonuses they offer
Poker at Bovada

Poker at Bovada


Bovada is another strong contender in the crypto poker world due to having minimal restrictions so it’s much easier to access their site compared to others. Although they don’t offer many promotions overall, they do offer preferential treatment to those bitcoin users. They have a fairly outdated site interface which could do with a modern touch but their reputation as a gaming brand is able to look past that. If you try to use a credit card to fund your account instead of crypto there are high transaction fees so it is often much cheaper to transfer crypto funds instead.

Pros of using Bovada:

  • The few promotions they do have are for bitcoin users
  • They have a great reputation as a crypto gambling brand
  • Minimal country restrictions

Cons of using Bovada:

  • They don’t offer many promotions or bonuses overall
  • Outdated user interface
  • Credit card transactions are quite steep compared to others

Cryptocurrency and blockchain poker, what exactly is it?

Poker is the much loved card game with multiple variations. Poker is a category containing a number of card games where players wager that their hand’s worth is higher than that of other players’ hands. Each additional participant must match the wager, increase it, or withdraw. Normally, the traditional way to play poker is with fiat (or normal) currencies.

Since the rise of cryptocurrencies, it’s only expected that the use of crypto poker is on the rise as well. Those who have made money with cryptocurrency on the blockchain have started to bet some of their profits on bitcoin poker. This trend is growing in popularity very quickly and has no signs of slowing any time soon. Playing poker using crypto is normally possible on sites that only provide Bitcoin poker, but it is becoming increasingly easier to use as a funding option on many other poker sites worldwide.

 How many types of cryptocurrencies are there?

Bitcoin was the first decentralised cryptocurrency, and it was first made available in 2009 as open-source software. Nowadays, there are currently more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies (although many of these are not currently mineable), and the growth rate is simply astounding. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of cryptocurrencies more than doubled.

Below I have listed some of the most valuable and best known cryptocurrencies currently available to buy and sell in the market. Since the market fluctuates, the order of these currencies can change regularly.

Cryptocurrency name Cryptocurrency short code
Bitcoin BTC
Etherium ETH
Dogecoin DOGE
Polkadot DOT
Cardana ADA
Solana SOL
Polygon MATIC
Tether USDT

This is why, when you join a crypto poker site, it is always worth checking that the site you want to use has your currency of choice available.

A general rule of thumb is that if gambling is legal in your country or region, then there is no problem with gambling or using cryptocurrencies. If you are located in or residing in a country where gambling is prohibited then you will not be able to gamble or play at cryptocurrency casinos legally.

A good way to look at it is that Cryptocurrency is ultimately just another means of payment. If using fiat currency to play poker on a crypto site is legal, so is utilising cryptocurrency. Check their terms & conditions to determine if you may play based on your citizenship and area.

Pros and cons of playing bitcoin poker using cryptocurrencies

As with anything there is always a positive and negative to any decision you make. When it comes to gambling, most people already know the main risks associated with spending money on bets and card games such as your money being at risk. However, since the popularity of cryptocurrency is rising to extremes, there are now many ways to gamble using various virtual currencies as well as just the normal type of currency we use in everyday life.

This has increased the number of bitcoin poker sites as well as other blockchain poker games that accept any number of cryptocurrencies.

Below I have tried to pinpoint a mix of pros and cons to using crypto for your poker needs.

Benefit of using bitcoin for poker Cons of using crypto to play poker
It’s easier to sign up to poker sites that specialise in crypto It’s a trickier process to get crypto in the first place compared to fiat money
Anonymity is maintained on the majority of sites that use crypto as their main currency You cannot get your money or funds back if your transfer to the wrong place or e-wallet
There is no need for debit or credit cards since these cannot hold crypto Crypto is not regulated so it is less secure than regulated fiat currencies
You are in full control of your own crypto funds and wallet instead of a bank looking after them Anonymity means there are more opportunities for criminal activity which can increase risk
Cryptocurrencies are not affected by inflation as fiat currency is which means it can sometimes hold better value Crypto is volatile so it can decrease in value as quick as it increased which can be surprising
Crypto is not outlawed anywhere so you can play in countries where regular fiat gambling is banned or illegal There can sometimes be extra fees for crypto transactions

How do you get bitcoin or crypto yourself to play poker with?

Since owning crypto is a different process to having regular currencies, not everyone is aware of how to get some of their own. Even though there are hundreds of different crypto currencies available, getting them is pretty much the same process regardless of which one you choose. Follow these steps below to get your own crypto to begin your crypto poker journey:

1) Make a decision regarding the bitcoin exchange you want to use.

Since there are multiple platforms you can use to get cryptocurrency in the first place you will want to go for a site that has a good reputation.

2) Open a profile with the bitcoin exchange.

This step usually consists of inputting your personal details such as full legal name, email address, phone number and home address as well as creating login information.

3) Fill up your account with fiat currency.

You can usually do this using debit or credit cards but some sites will accept other forms of payment such as paypal, skrill, neteller and more.

4) Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

There are hundreds of currencies to choose from so you will need to choose which one to buy.

5) Put in a buy order for the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Even if you decide you would like multiple cryptocurrencies, you can only buy one currency at a time. Use the money you have in your account to finalise your purchase

6) Move your new crypto funds into a secure wallet.

Although you can often leave your money on the exchange, it is often recommended not to due to security. It is often much safer to transfer your blockchain funds to an external wallet located off of the exchange.

What should you look for in blockchain poker sites?

  • Do they have a good reputation?

There is little point putting your money and efforts into a brand with a bad reputation. So before you spend your cryptocurrency (or any currency for that matter) on crypto poker sites you should always check if they have a reputation and that it’s a good one at that. Sites with a good reputation and the correct licensing will always clearly show this without you needing to hunt for it.

  • What, if any, are their fee costs?

The goal of cryptocurrencies is to serve as a decentralised form of money. Poker players and bitcoin poker sites can move value more easily with the use of digital money. This usually means that transfer and transaction fees are lower since there is no need for a middleman to take a portion. These fees can vary from site to site though.

  • Are you able to remain anonymous?

One of the main perks of using cryptocurrencies is to remain anonymous in your spending. That’s why if anonymity is important to you, and you’d like to hide how you are spending your hard-bought crypto, then it’s worth making sure the poker sites you’d like to use keep you and your account anonymous.

  • Do they have restrictions on their accessibility?

Similar to fiat gambling sites, there are some country restrictions on accessing certain websites. This means it can be harder to access some sites depending on the country you are residing or located in. Although there are ways around this, it is often much easier to opt for a site that isn’t restricted where you are.

  • Do they have Provably fair games?

Playing games that are able to treat each new player fairly is extremely important when gambling or playing poker. So it’s highly advised to only use sites that use Provably fair games. If you’re not familiar, Provably fair is a concept used in the cryptocurrency business to describe the algorithm or mechanism used to generate odds and ensure fairness. The underlying technology of most cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, has made it possible for this feature to exist.

The basic rules of poker and the terms you need to know

Although there are different types of games within the poker category, the hands you play and the points you get in poker typically stay the same. The rules for each game on how to play the game will fluctuate but the ranking of each hand will not change much if at all.

High card

The largest individual card in a player’s hand determines the worth of their hand if no combinations can be produced. The second-highest card would be used to break a draw if two players had the same high card.

One pair

A pair is when a player has 2 of the same card.

Two pairs

Two pairs is when a player has two sets of pairs. Each pair will be a different number.

Three of a kind

This is when a player has 3 cards of the same number.


A five-card hand known as a straight consists of a running series of cards in order, regardless of suit. If two players each have a straight, the higher card straight will win. 


flush occurs when a hand’s five cards are all the same suit. The player who has the highest card in that suit wins if two players both have a flush.

Full House

A Full House is what is known as when a player has three of a kind and a pair in the same hand.

Four of a kind

This is when a player has 4 cards of the same number.

Straight flush

A straight flush is composed of five consecutive cards, all from the same suit, and is much rarer than four of a kind.

Royal Flush

This well-known combination, which is produced by a Straight Flush that runs to the Ace and is therefore unstoppable, would be the best hand of all.

Name of the run or card hand Example of cards in that play
High Card 5♣ 8♦ 10♠ Q♥ A♠
One Pair 9♠ 9♦ 5♣ 8♣ K♥
Two pairs 9♠ 9♦ 5♣ 5♥ 8♥
Three of a kind 9♠ 9♦ 9♥ 5♣ 8♣
Straight 9♠ 10♠ J♦ Q♥ K♦
Flush 9♠ 5♠ Q♠ K♠ 7♠
Full House 9♠ 9♦ 9♥ 5♣ 5♥
Four of a kind 9♠ 9♦ 9♥ 9♣ 5♣
Straight Flush 9♠ 10♠ J♠ Q♠ K♠
Royal Flush 10♥ J♥ Q♥ K♥ A♥

Different types of poker

Despite the fact that poker games come in a wide variety, practically all of them share the same fundamental guidelines. Each player receives five or seven cards on average. Players try to assemble the strongest five-card poker hand they can (see below). The same hierarchy of hands exists in every poker game, with better hands being more elusive and challenging to obtain than weaker hands.

Poker is the name of a group of card games rather than one game itself. There are multiple variations of the poker game and it can become complicated learning them all at once. The best way to understand and get familiar with each game is to become familiar with one version of the game first, then when that becomes second nature, then start introducing the other versions.

Many players will find one variant they enjoy and stick with it, rarely playing the other versions at all.

Texas Hold’em might be the most played variation of poker. The rules stay the same regardless of which type of currency you play with. The main layout of the game consists of the following stages:

  • Each player receives two face-down “hole” cards.
  • Each player is then dealt 3 community cards face up
  • Then comes the fourth card face up
  • Followed by the fifth card face up


Omaha is played similarly to Texas Hold’em, except with a twist.

Players in Omaha receive four “hole cards” (rather than two), and they are only permitted to use two cards from their hand in addition to the three community cards. Everyone continues playing till the very end.

The betting in Omaha is the same as it is in Texas Hold’em, and there are five community cards, a flop, turn, and river. At the showdown, whomever has the strongest high hand wins.

Seven card stud

There are two to eight players and no flop or community cards in seven-card stud. Instead, the game begins with a third card facing up and two cards facing down (the hole cards and the door card).

Three face-down cards and four face-up cards are handed to you, and you must select the greatest five-card combination. During a hand, one or more of your opponents must expose some of their cards to you. Everyone then reveals their hand following the last round of betting.

Five card draw

Five cards are dealt to each player, and the first round of betting begins. After placing your wager, you may trade up to three cards before continuing to the following round of wagering. The winner is then determined by who has the best hand.

It’s simple, yet in this game, players frequently assess their rivals to determine if they can get an advantage. One clue to your opponent’s hand can be how many cards they decide to draw after the opening round of betting.

High Low Chicago

Seven-card stud is modified by High Low Chicago so that the game can revolve around the highest or lowest hand.

Additionally, the pot could be split between two winners. Half of the pot is won by the person who has the highest or lowest spade in the hole (facing down). After this, the pot is split among whoever has the best hand.

Step by step guide: How to bet on blockchain poker sites

For our example we will be using the crypto poker site Mbit Casino to show you step by step how to bet on poker sites using your cryptocurrency.

mBit's Homepage

mBit’s Homepage

Step #1: Choose a site and make an account

This first step is very straightforward. You simply choose which site is the most suited to your poker needs (using the list above) and then head to their homepage. From here you will find a button in the top right hand corner asking you to “Sign Up”. Click this button to open a new window. This window will be the application form for your new account.

Signup at mBit

Signup at mBit

As crypto poker sites (and other gambling sites that use cryptocurrencies) are anonymous, it is very quick to fill out the form and have an active account. All you need to input here is your chosen email address and then create a password to keep it secure. Make sure it is something you remember – but don’t make it too easy for others to guess. This is the best way to keep your account secure going forward.

Finally, select the cryptocurrency you wish to use within your account from the drop down menu, at least to begin with. Since bitcoin is the most common, this is the currency that is automatically selected unless you need to change it. Once this has been selected, make sure to read the terms and conditions and check the checkbox. Then press “Create Account”. This will finalise your account and take you to the homepage.

Step #2: Deposit funds into your bitcoin poker account

Depositing at mBit

Depositing at mBit

From the homepage, you will see a green button in the top right corner that allows you to deposit your funds. Click this to open the below window:

Depositing via crypto

Depositing via crypto

This is your e-wallet dashboard. In here you will see a QR code that you can scan if depositing straight into this wallet from a cryptocurrency wallet on your phone. In order to deposit crypto you will need to be in possession of some already. If you would prefer to transfer it manually (without the QR code), or are transferring from a desktop device without the ability to use a QR code then you can simply enter the e-wallet address found in the address bar on your screen. This code is key sensitive so be careful and make sure you copy the code EXACTLY as you see in order to guarantee it reaches the right place.

If you send your crypto funds to a different account there is no way to get it back so be aware.

Step #3: Choose a bitcoin poker game to play

There are two ways to find crypto poker games on this website. Option one, from the homepage is to use the search bar in the middle of the header. Using this bar you can type in the name of a game, or the game category you’d like which will give you a drop down menu with multiple options to choose from. This section has a mixture of poker games and styles.

The second option is to click “games” in the top left of the screen next to the Mbit logo. This will take you to a new page with lots of games on. At the top of this screen you will see “video poker” on the right side of a list of categories. Clicking this will open a page of multiple poker game variations to play.

Once you have found the game you want, click it and it will open a new window.

Poker games available at mBit

Poker games available at mBit

Step #4: Playing the crypto poker game of your choice

Playing crypto poker

Playing crypto poker

Once you have opened the game you want, you will want to make sure you understand the instructions. Even if you have played other poker games before, it is always worthwhile getting yourself familiar with this variant.

For this game example above there are 5 different ways to play. You need to select the number of hands you want to play. I have selected 1 hand.

To help you out, this poker game actually shows you the rankings for each hand so you can better remember and remind yourself what to aim for. If you remember the card rankings then you’re already halfway to understanding the game.

mBit's Interface

mBit’s Interface

You will be able to keep track of your earnings and your balance throughout the game at the bottom of the game page. This is where you will be able to see what you have made in profit since starting the game as well as keep track of what you have spent.

Step #5: Withdrawing your crypto funds back to your personal e-wallet



Once you have finished playing your poker game you will be able to either play a new game which you can find the same way as before, or if you are finished for the day you can withdraw your funds. In order to withdraw your funds you need to go to your account from the homepage which you can find next to your crypto balance. Click this and you will see the drop down menu like above.

This will open the below window and you will see the dashboard to start your withdrawal process. Similarly to how you deposited your cryptocurrency into your account to begin with, you will need to do a similar process to get the funds out of your Mbit Casino account into your personal wallet. Make sure that you get all the address information correct in order to make this transfer otherwise it will not reach your wallet.

Selecting your withdrawal amount

Selecting your withdrawal amount

Once your withdrawal transfer is complete you will see your funds now back in your personal wallet and off of the casino site. This is the entire process. When you are ready to start playing crypto poker again you will be prepared.

Is playing poker on a crypto platform easier than a fiat platform?

When you consider that professional poker players are normally well versed on the fiat platforms, it is less heard of to have professional crypto poker players. This means when you join a blockchain poker site instead you will be competing or playing against other amateurs instead of pros. This can often benefit you since you have a better chance to win against others who are not that good at poker. This can be a bigger benefit to you compared to playing in the much more competitive fiat poker rooms on other casino websites.

Final thoughts crypto poker and blockchain poker sites

There are so many reasons to use virtual currencies when playing crypto poker games and as long as you follow the points stated in this article you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not bitcoin poker is for you. Whether you join in with bitcoin specifically or one of the other currencies on the blockchain you can have a good experience providing you go with the right type of site.

Gambling on poker should be taken seriously but you can certainly have a lot more fun when you understand the rules of playing successfully. Stay informed and you will have a much better experience than those who don’t understand how bitcoin poker works. Remember to do your research on the right type of site and good luck!

About the author

James Patterson


James Patterson


James Patterson studied computer science in the Unveristy of Colorado before taking an interest in cryptocurrencies. For years James has worked with various online casinos on their tech implentation and is considered an expert in the field of crypto payments.