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Updated:February 16, 2023

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events every year. Millions of people worldwide tune in to watch, from NFL fanatics to casual sports viewers.

This was no different for Super Bowl 57 when 113 million people watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

The game was record-breaking in a lot of ways. A headline that dominated Super Bowl week was the Travis Kelce vs Jason Kelce storyline. It was the first time in history that two brothers played on opposing teams in the Super Bowl.

However, Super Bowl 57 also was very notable in the gambling world.

The game was held in Arizona, where sports betting has been legalized. Across America, states are slowly lifting laws that ban sports betting. And as such, NFL betting is increasing year by year.

And in the pinnacle game of the NFL season, it is estimated that over $20 Billion was gambled on the big game worldwide.

With the rise of sports betting and the popularity of the NFL. It’s no surprise that potential pundits have a wide selection of bets to choose from.

Pundits can place bets on everything from the basics such as outright winner, the spread, touchdown scorers, and other player and team prop bets, to obscure and unique bets like the length of the National Anthem, the color of Gatorade that will be poured over the winning coach, and the result of the coin toss are also available to wager on.

Also on the rise are cryptocurrencies. They have evolved well beyond the basic bitcoin that everyone knew. They are becoming widely accessible and a real alternative to current currencies.

And sportsbooks have taken advantage of this and allowed those who trade in crypto, to use it to place bets on sports.

Cloudbet is an online crypto casino. It is one of the oldest and most trusted crypto casinos and allows users to use their cryptocurrencies for sports betting.

Cloudbet predicted that over $500 million of the total $20 billion wagers would come in the form of cryptocurrency.

A Cloudbet spokesperson told European Gaming that he believed one of the reasons for this figure was the “general, growing adoption of cryptocurrency.”

The spokesperson also said that Cloudbet, unlike other major sportsbooks, doesn’t spend money on “broadcast advertising or sponsorship during sports.” Opting to use that money to “[attract] users through better odds.”

Cryptocurrencies may have a real future in online sports betting. With the increased usage of these currencies, pundits could start to see the benefits of using them to place wagers over traditional card transactions.

The deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies can be instant in some cases and it can also be safer for some people to use online and virtual bank accounts to place bets.

The spokesperson also stated that Cloudbet saw “record user growth” last year. Pointing to the “growing appetite for crypto adopters to not only bet on crypto, but to bet with crypto as well”

This year’s Super Bowl was definitely a look into what the future of online sportsbooks could look like.


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